Aadhaar Card Correction (Name, Address, Mobile Number, DOB)

If you need to make any corrections in your Aadhaar card whether it is Name, Address, Mobile number or Date of birth, it is very easy to do the same. Here in this article we will be discussing about convenient way to solve this problem that most of us are facing.

How to Change Name, Address In Aadhar Card (Aadhar Card Update)

Making Aadhar Card correction of our bio-data gets more convenient with the online process as it eliminates the need of running around to the Aadhaar centre physically. You can now very easily make corrections to your details like Aadhaar Card name, address, mobile number, date of birth by going through few steps that we will be taking you through in this post below.

Aadhaar Card Correction Online: Name, Address, Phone, DOB!

There are many reasons pertaining to which one needs to make a change in his/her Aadhaar card. So, there is an easy way to deal with this issue which will help you change any of your personal details on your Aadhaar Card. Still not many people are aware of the process to make Aadhaar card corrections.

Please read the following steps very carefully one after another for clear understanding of the correction process.

Change of name – For changing your name or any Aadhaar Card correction you need an most recent and updated Identity Proof documents. Once you change your name officially, you will be provided with a new document of Identity Proof which you have to upload on your PC to replace your previosuly registered name with the new one. So, having Identity Proof documents is mandatory for changing your name in Aadhaar Card.

Change of address – Changing Address is also similar to that of changing name in the Aadhaar Card. However, sometimes due to one reason or other, people prefer to leave their homeland and shift base to new towns and cities for better opportunities. So, in this case changing the address in Aadhaar card becomes crucial and for doing so you will be required to upload your original registered address of your homeland.

Change of date of birth – Most of the time changing date of birth becomes important as sometimes the added date is either no correct or people want to show different date of birth for getting admissions in new academics or for some other reasons. So, for changing your date of birth in Aadhaar Card you need to have the original date of birth certificate and upload it online.

Steps to Change Name, Address, Mobile Number, Date of Birth through Online

The process of updating and correcting your name, address, mobile number, date of birth requires you to first go to this link https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/update

Before you start the procedure on online Aadhaar card correction, you need to have a registered mobile number in place. Once you have that, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, when you visit the page after clicking on the aforementioned link, you will be asked your Aadhaar number which consist 12 digits.
  • In the following column you will find the verification notification.
  • You can now easily click on “SEND OTP” button.
  • Now, 6 digit OTP will be delivered on your mobile and you can fill the password and go on.
  • You have to choose the address change field and choose the language you prefer.
  • Finally you have to upload the document of which you want to make necessary changes.



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