Google Alert : Use YouTube to save your data, Google will delete all your history from THIS app

Tech giant Google has announced that it will be deleting all the Google Play Music library and its data on February 24 and asked users to make a backup so that there’s no data loss.

In an email to users, Google said that while the data from Google Play Music has already been transferred to YouTube Music, users still have the option to transfer it again if they make any changes so that the music library is up to date.

“On February 24, 2021, we will delete all of your Google Play Music data. This includes your music library with any uploads, purchases and anything you’ve added from Google Play Music. After this date, there will be no way to recover it,” read the email.

“You’ve already transferred to YouTube Music. But, if you’ve made any changes, you still have the option to transfer again so your music library is up to date. If you would like to download your Google Play Music library and data, you can do so with Google Takeout before February 24, 2021,” the email adds.

It may be noted that Google Play Music stopped working at the start of December last year. It has given the users an option to transfer, or delete their data from Google Play Music, as it will all be wiped out after February 24. Originally, Google had planned to give users time till the end of 2020 to transfer all the data. However, it was later extended.

Google launched Google Play Music in 2011. It allowed people to stream music as well as purchase tracks from the music store section. While it was a great option at that time, it failed to compete against the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. It remained there for a long time but failed to get any significant attention.